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LGBTQ+ Solidarity COVID-19

Social Solidarity, Physical Distance

A core part of Equality Arizona's mission is to work for the safety and wellness of the Arizona LGBTQ+ community. For this reason, we will do our best to serve the LGBTQ+ community throughout this crisis by connecting people to resources and support they need.


The novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, is a crisis for every Arizonan. It is especially a crisis for the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ people are at increased risk for this virus, because such a large percentage of the Arizona LGBTQ+ community are immune compromised due to a lack of access to basic healthcare and health insurance. From the legacy of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the LGBTQ+ community to having higher incidents of heart disease, lung disease, asthma, and other health disparitiesthe LGBTQ+ community needs additional support. Arizona also has a large LGBTQ+ senior population, full of individuals who often do not have the familial support that heterosexual and cisgender people have as they age. It is our duty as LGBTQ+ serving organizations to step up to support our most vulnerable community members and to support our less vulnerable community members in physical distancing during the pandemic.

Three Ways to Get Involved Today

You can get involved and help the our Arizona LGBTQ+ community weather the storm of this pandemic through our Mutual Aid Network, our Social Hub, and our Political Activation work. Click below to learn more about each.

Mutual Aid Network

If you need help or have help to offer go here.

Social Hub

Fight feelings of loneliness and isolation during this time of personal distancing with fun and engagement digital events.

Out Voters Arizona

We have to continue to fight for our civic equality, especially during this crisis.

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