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2024 Election

LGBTQ+ Arizonans are 12% of Eligible Arizona Voters

We will not win the races that we must win to preserve the rights of every Arizonan and democracy, if we do not successfully engage LGBTQ+ Arizonas.  Equality Arizona is the only Arizona LGBTQ+ organization with the experience and track record of doing this work.

Our Plan

We have to do the work, if we want to win. We've put together a comprehensive plan to successfully engage Arizona LGBTQ+ voters for the 2024 election.

Voter Registration

Registering voters is the first step. Every vote counts, we know this in Arizona as it is common for critical races to be decided by a small margin of votes. 

Voter Engagement & Education

After ensuring that LGBTQ+ Arizonans are registered to vote, we have to do the hard work of door knocking and digital engagement with these voters. We will engage LGBTQ+ Arizona voters by talking to them about their values and their needs and sharing information about which candidates and initiatives reflect their values and will govern with their needs in mind.

We need your support as volunteers and donors to get this done. We will be publishing more of our plan this spring, but the most important thing to know right now is that this election will not have the results we need without engaging LGBTQ+ voters - and we are the organization to do that work.

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