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Mutual Aid Network

Get Help/Give Help

We know from our experience with the AIDS epidemic that the only way through this kind of public health crisis is by helping one another. This network is an LGBTQ+ affirming place to get the help you need and give help to our community members in need.

If you need help or can give help call (520) 222-8017 or email or fill out the forms below.

You can also connect with others for mutual aid on these Facebook groups, which are moderated by Equality Arizona for your and our community's safety:


About the Network

This network is a partnership between Arizona LGBTQ+ organizations and businesses to meet the resource needs of vulnerable LGBTQ+ community members. The Arizona LGBTQ+ population is largely made up of women, trans people, and people of color – all populations that are at higher risk of poverty than other populations. This, combined with a lack of access to health equity for the LGBTQ+ community and the negative impact on our community’s collective health outcomes, means that we need LGBTQ+ serving organizations and businesses to unite to help our community. The network will also work to support LGBTQ+ owned and supportive small businesses during this time of social distancing, helping to facilitate safe and socially distant ways to support these businesses.


Through the network LGBTQ+ people who need help and resources will be able to request help and resources from the network. Additionally, individuals who can donate resources and help will be able to get those resources and offer volunteer time to the network. Local businesses will serve as drop off locations and distribution points will be facilitated by LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations. 

Network Partners
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