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Your Vote Counts

While Donald Trump tweets “stop the vote,” armed supporters of the President gathered in Maricopa County the day after the election to demand the opposite, threatening the election center where the count was in process. Despite the disruption, the count continues. Playing both sides of a fake argument has one purpose; to deligitimize the election results that do not favor the President. 


Because of this, and the risk to physical safety posed, we do not recommend that you counter protest.

What Can I Do?

Get the Facts
Make a Safety Plan

Practice mutual aid, and make sure you, your friends and your family have what the food, medicine, and financial resources to stay home.

Or call us, at (623) 986-9065

Our Recommendations


Corporation Commission

State Legislature


School Board


Vote yes on all other judges, including yes on all Pinal and Coconino judges.

Ballot Measures

Yes on Proposition 207

We know that marijuana possession, when criminalized, disproportionately effects Black, Indigenous, Latino, other people of color, and poor people. This means that the law around drug possession is not equally applied to white and wealthy people. For this reason, we support the decriminalization of marijuana possession in Arizona. We also support this ballot measure because it offers a corrective measure for people previously convicted of low-level marijuana charges to have their criminal records expunged so that these individuals have fair access to jobs, housing, and voting. 

Yes on Proposition 208

The Invest in Education Act will produce millions in new and sustainable dollars every year for public schools in Arizona. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that Arizona’s schools are vital to Arizona families. This means that our public schools must be appropriately funded and that Arizona educators should be compensated appropriately for the vital role that they play in the lives of Arizona families. We will need robust public schools even more after the pandemic, to ensure that every Arizona child is able to reintegrate back into the learning environment. The ballot measure means that all of Arizonans children will have greater access to opportunity and prosperity through a funded and vibrant public-school education.

Yes on Proposition 444

City of Phoenix

Home rule is vital to ensuring that the City of Phoenix has control of our own budget. If passed this will continue to allow the city to determine its own annual expenditure limitation rather than accept a limit imposed by the state.

Why does EQAZ Endorse Candidates?


Equality Arizona endorses passionate, informed, and viable candidates running for Congressional, local, statewide, and legislative offices who have a proven track record of supporting and fighting for equal rights and legal protections for LGBTQ+ Arizonans and who are committed to advancing equality for an intersectional LGBTQ+ community in their capacity as elected officials.

Equality Arizona believes in building and developing a bench of strong openly LGBTQ+ and ally leaders and candidates for higher office. Equality Arizona considers endorsement of all candidates, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and party affiliation. We believe the best way to do this is through an open endorsement process that puts candidates in contact with LGBTQ+ community members and constituents.

The recommendations and endorsements on this page are made by Equality Arizona and the Equality Arizona PAC

Equality Arizona

We work to build the political and cultural power of LGBTQ+ Arizona.

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