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The hub is a resource for digital events, socializing, and meetings for LGBTQ+ people during the pandemic. There will be daily opportunities for digital co-working, yoga, meditation, book clubs, and exercise, as well ask weekly meetings around areas of interest from our health as queer resistance group, to pronoun practice group, to our queer poetry salon, and more. There will also be digital events like drag and comedy shows to remind us all that we can still experience joy and community during this time.


This hub is open to everyone and we encourage as many people as possible to participate in the joy or LGBTQ+ community and culture. Just as important as meeting our physical needs, is meeting our mental and emotional needs. Keeping the LGBTQ+ community well and safe during the pandemic means offering high quality and fun social engagement that is digital and allows people to feel connected (not isolated) while practicing the social and physical distancing necessary to end this pandemic.

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