You Have Power

LGBTQ+ people are vulnerable alone, are vulnerable when we are attacked through public policy, and vulnerable without representation that values LGBTQ+ equality. LGBTQ+ people are powerful together, we are powerful when we use our vote as our voice. When we vote for candidates who believe in LGBTQ+ equality we are powerful and we can ensure that we are represented in the halls of government and in public policy that advances equality and fairness for LGBTQ+ people.

Make a Promise, Make a Plan

The 2020 election is the most important election of our lifetimes - for you and for our community. Promise yourself and our community that you will vote by November 3rd! Let us know and we will help you keep that promise to yourself! 

Sign the Pledge.

You Are Not Alone

Equality Arizona is here to help guide you through the voting process because while it can be intimidating — it doesn't have to be! Let us know if you have had any problems registering to vote, have any questions, or have been discriminated against during the process. We are here for you through it all!

Vote Together

Are you registered to vote? How about your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers? One out of every five LGBTQ+ individuals are not registered! If we don’t vote, we don’t have political power or representation! Make sure you are registered to vote in November! Share this link with friends and family too! Our votes matter!

Register to vote.

Vote Safe

Staying healthy and safe is critical - and that means staying home as much as possible while COVID is an active threat.

Both of these options allow you to mail in your ballot or drop it off to your voting location.

Vote Smart

Have you:

  1. Researched the candidates to ensure your vote is a vote for equality?

  2. Checked important deadlines for voting in Arizona?

  3. Found your voting location to vote or drop off ballots?

  4. Endorsed your ballot? You are good to go!

Equality Arizona

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