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Safety and Inclusion Project Administration 

Posting: Friday December 20, 2019

1.1  Issuing Body


We are the leading statewide LGBTQ advocacy organization for the State of Arizona. We organize the LGBTQ community of Arizona to fight for the full social, economic, and political inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people in Arizona.


1.2 Background


Over the last two years, Equality Arizona has undergone substantial changes in leadership, policy and program vision to increase support and include all LGBTQ constituents.  We have evaluated who and how we serve our vast and diverse Arizona-based LGBTQ community, and seek to address the most pressing issues facing their lives. From this analysis we have concluded that safety and civic engagement are two of the most urgent issues facing Arizona’s LGBTQ community.  


1.3 Scope of Services


We are currently seeking consultant support to assist our staff in capacity-building in the areas of safety and civic engagement with LGBTQ community members and partners as part of our expansion process. 

The goals for the consultants will be to help develop capacity in three areas of our safety and civic engagement work:


·      Community engagement and relationship-building with business and housing leaders to help increase and awareness of issues pertaining to LGBTQ communities;

·      Capacity-building and training for institutional, organizational, and community leaders and members to participate and learn how to include LGTBQ communities in economic, housing, safety, and creative civic engagement;

·      Creative and artistic gathering events or spaces to build more inclusive communities.


1.4 Outcomes


A completed scope of work would meet the following outcomes for Equality Arizona’s goals.


·      Work with consultants to coordinate, administer and provide direction  for:

            -Topical trainings that include LGBTQ community members and leaders, and include community members              to increase equity and safety in neighborhood development;

            -Increase awareness of the diversity and histories of Arizona’s LGBTQ community members;

            -Coordinates with a public project which highlights the cultural, artistic, and creative contributions of the                   LGBTQ business and development community;     

            -Build new partnerships with community members, and local and municipal institutions to increase                          representation and decision-making process regarding safety, transportation, and community                                  engagement.

.       Prepare and submit project reporting as required per government grant requirements.

.       Develop financial processes in accordance with government audit requirements.



1.5       Timeline


Equality Arizona’s work in these areas is currently underway.  We are currently seeking consultants to execute the administration of work within the follow calendar dates.  Please note, while an attenuated timeline is preferable, there is no possibility of extending past Dec 2020. 


Request for RFP:   Dec 20, 2019


Deadline for Submission: Jan 7, 2020


Start of Project: Jan 14, 2020


End of Project: Dec 31, 2020


1.6       Evaluation Criteria


We are currently looking for consultants who are aligned with and possess knowledge of the LGBTQ community in Arizona.  Demonstrated ability, knowledge and experience is required criteria for each selected candidate. Additionally, we uphold our own guidelines to include and support diversity in our partnerships. 


Ideal consultants have a background in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with a nuanced and in-depth understanding of the unique pressures related to Arizona politics and place.  The ideal consultant or group has demonstrated expertise or relevant experience focused on LGBTQ issues, civic engagement, and community organizing. 




1.7       Budget


The total budget for execution of services by consultant(s) is $10,000.

2.0       Statement of Non-Discrimination

Equality Arizona believes that no person should be excluded from the organizations services, employment or volunteer participation, and will fund only organizations that do not engage in unlawful discrimination on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious belief, or for any other discriminatory reason.

How to Apply

To submit a proposal, please complete the following questions for narrative and send them in PDF form to by Jan 7, 2020

Questions for Narrative

a. How will you or your organization provide each of the list of services outlined under section 1.3 Scope of Services and how you intend to achieve of the outcomes listed in section 1.4 Outcomes. 

b. Describe your work experience as it applies to the requirements of this project.

c. Who will carry out the project’s plan, and what are their relevant skills and experiences?

e. Please describe your organization’s or group’s social change philosophy.

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